Send a Slack message

This action will send a Slack message using the Logic Sheet Slack bot.

Authorization needed

You need to authorize your Slack Workspace to make this action work. If you haven't connected to a Slack Workspace, you may see a warning that asks you to connect to Slack.

To connect to third-party services, click the "Add connection" button to open the service connector. Read more about adding connections here.


The Slack channel to send the message to. Don't include a # in this field. It should be "general", not "#general".


The message that will be sent to the channel selected. Plain text only.

Merge tag available

You can use the following merge tags in the Value field here. See how merge tags work.

  • {{range A1}}: The value of cell A1(dynamic), or other cells of your choice.

  • {{old value}}: The value of the cell prior to editing.

  • {{new value}}: The new value of the cell after being edited.

  • {{editor}}: The email address of the user who made the edit.

  • {{edited range}}: The notation (string) of the cell being edited.

  • {{column A}}: All values in column A(dynamic).

  • {{row 1}}: All values in row 1(dynamic).

  • {{sheet}}: The name of the sheet that was edited or set in the trigger step.

  • {{spreadsheet url}}: The URL of the spreadsheet that this automation belongs to.

  • {{automation name}}: The name of the automation workflow you have set.

  • {{form values}}: All values of the form submission that was received.

  • {{form values 1}}: The first value (or the nth value if you set the number as n) of the form submission that was received.

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